Sea Cadet Intake - Monday 14 September 2015

Sea Cadet Intake - Monday 14 September 2015

Potential New Cadets are being invited to the Unit HQ, adjacent to the University of Huddersfield, to find out what cadetting is all about and start their training on  Monday.  Cadets are welcome to attend from 1845.  More information about Sea Cadets can be found on our Join Us webpage.

Sea Cadet Success

Sea Cadet Success

Thanks to an incredibly active year the Sea Cadets have more than enough to celebrate.  The Huddersfield Sea Cadets who meet twice weekly at the TA Centre have accumulated impressive activity figures over the last 12 months.  Cadets have achieved 109 qualifications including, 19 specialisations, 57 boatwork, 4 offshore power boating and 29 proficiencies.  Many of these qualifications are recognised by employers and colleges and are awarded by national bodies such as BTEC, St John Ambulance, RYA, DoE, BCU & British Rowing.  Cadets really are getting something truly beneficial from their fun and challenging experiences in Sea Cadets. 

The Sea Cadets have been helping in the community with the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the Royal Marines visibility team. 

The Sea Cadet Unit is an independent charity that depends on donations.  We are fortunate to have received some much needed funding to replace equipment and subsidise external training. Without donations the cadets could not train and qualify in the sports and activities they are interested in.  We would like to thank all the organisations and individuals for making donations to use this year.  We have so far managed to purchase a new T500 rowing craft, 25 spray suits, a digital projector and laptop, and subsidise more than 20 cadet residential training courses. 

The Huddersfield Sea Cadets have been awarded a Burgee efficiency standard by the Captain of the Sea Cadets, Captain Jonathan Holloway RN, putting Huddersfield amongst the top 20% of Units in the UK.

The attached picture shows some cadets with their awards and the Unit Padre holding his Diamond Jubilee Medal.


West Yorks District Regatta

West Yorks District Regatta

Huddersfield Unit entered the district regatta this year. We entered into the open boys class, AC Townley (coxswain) with the crew of OC Young, Cdt's Piccavey, Faulkner and Mays.

The crew along with LT Dawson, SLt Sadler, PO Kundi and the cheer leaders AC Hanson-Lunn, OC's Auty and Weavill and Junior cadet Faulkner travelled to Wakefield Unit and after registering the team and nabbing SLt Sadler to drive the towing boat for the day the regatta got under way.

For the 1st race the whole crew where anxious with not knowing exactly what would happen but the training soon took over and they took to the race like a duck to water and got stuck in.

Junior Faulkner despite being the only junior section cadet had a go in the towing boat with SLt Sadler and also made up a rowing team with other juniors to have a race.

The Huddersfield crew finishing runners up at their 1st attempt should be proud of their effort and take the experience with them into next years competition.


Visit to the

Visit to the "Mighty O"

Huddersfield Sea cadets visited HMS Ocean when she was alongside at Sunderland. After an early start to travel to Sunderland to arrive before the ship was open to the public we arrived.

The "Mighty O" an Amphibious Assault Ship was impressive as we walked up to the gangway to go on board straight onto the vehicle deck, and we were met by Lt Oliver Judd RN for our VIP tour which included seeing the Bridge, the cadets all had a turn sitting in the Captains chair to get an idea of how it feels to be in command of the biggest Ship in the Royal Navy, Main Hanger which is big enough for up to 15 helicopters, SCC (ships control center, not Sea Cadet Corps, in this case), Ops Room, Flight Deck and Sick bay. The cadets had demonstrations of some of the equipment used onboard including the thermal imaging camera which is used as part of the fire fighting kit onboard this massive Royal Navy Ship.

The cadets also had a chance to see and handle various weapons including the SA80 Assault Rifle, GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) and Phalanx (The Ships main defence weapon system).There was a cooking demonstration about cooking on a ship and halth eating and 2 of our cadets Cdt Stansfield and Cdt Park assisted the Royal Navy Cooks making a lovely, healthy dish for everyone to try

The Royal Marines had Land Rovers and Trailers and LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel) that they use on operations. The cadets had a good look around these vehicles and boats, also the Royal Marines had a climbing wall, fitness test and camouflage and concealment (putting camo cream onto your face to help you blend into the background (Photos attached)

All the visiting cadets were talking about their day and generally buzzing about the experience all he way back to Huddersfield despite the 0530hrs start.

We would like to thank Capt Betton RN, HMS Ocean and the crew for their hospitality.

Easter Camp

Easter Camp

14 Cadets and 7 Staff went to SCTC Thrapston (Eastern Area Boating Station) for Easter weekend. Travelling down on Friday after meeting at the unit for the journey down to Northamptonshire by minibus. We arrived by 1800hrs and got busy sorting out wet weather clothing (best to be prepared for the best and worse that the British weather can throw at you!!)  Buoyancy aids and accommodation. After a quick supper then it was soon time for bed and everyone was looking forward to getting onto the water, most for the 1st time, so it was very exciting.


Saturday morning breakfast and then time to be getting into boats for the day. LT Dawson took PO Kundi, PO Stansfield, OC's Auty and Weavil, and Cdts Morris and Mays to learn how to sail, with CPO Watson as the safety boat driver. WO1 Young took PO Powers, AC Hanson-Lunn, OC Watson and Cdt Armitage powerboat handling, SLt Sadler took PCI O'Melia, AC Townley, OC Young and Jnr's Joyce-Milner, Weavil, Stansfield and Hansom rowing. Lily and Charlie (the CO's and training officers doggies) took to swimming about near the pontoons and guarding the gate. So with the crews we got in/on our respective craft and took to the water. After a break for lunch we got back onto the water, glad for out waterproofs as it had started to drizzle a bit, but not to have our spirits dampened we carried on and continued to learn. It soon brightened up and everyone had good afternoon of training.

We then had a well received evening meal of "best cut of beef in a Mediterranean sun-kissed tomato sauce served with pasta, accompanied with fresh bread with garlic butter" and cake and custard for pudding. With everyone stuffed the galley party got on with washing up and then settled down to watch a bit of tele but well before lights out most of the cadets took to their beds and had a good nights sleep.


Sunday morning arrived and it was raining (again) but we got ourselves ready and had a few hours to practice the skills that had been learnt before an assessment to see what qualifications we would be able to take home with us...............

Sailing Qualifications - RYA Youth Sailing Scheme (YSS) Stage 1 OC's Auty and Weavil and Cdt's Mays and Morris and RYA Level 1 sailing PO Kundi and PO Stansfield


Rowing Qualifications Competent Crew - Jnr's Hansom, Stansfield, Joyce-Milner and Weavil and PO Powers and Supervised Coxswain PCI O'Melia, AC Townley and OC Young


Power Qualifications RYA Level 1 PO Powers, AC Hanson-Lunn, OC Watson and Cdt Armitage and RYA Level 2 Power (Planing endorsement) SLt Sadler


So a well worthwhile weekend with lots of badges and a great deal of enjoyment.

Huddersfield Unit celebrates 70th Anniversary

Huddersfield Unit celebrates 70th Anniversary

Huddersfield Sea Cadet Unit is in its 70th year this year. To celebrate, Staff, Parents and supporters of the Unit gathered for a celebratory dinner at the Cedar Court Hotel, Huddersfield. VIP's included the Mayor and Mayoress of Huddersfield, and the guest of honour was Commodore S R Baum RN, Naval Regional Commander for Northern England and IOW.

VIP's were piped aboard by Ordinary Cadet Destine Hanson-Lunn, who also piped the Dinner Call to request diners to be seated for the meal.

Speeches were made by the Commanding Officer, Sub Lt (SCC) Craig Dawson and First Lieutenant, PO (SCC) K Kundi.

New sailing dinghy for Huddersfield Unit.

New sailing dinghy for Huddersfield Unit.

The boat was bought with a collection raised at the funeral of our late Chairman, Lt Cdr Reg Horner. The boat was presented to the unit by Lt Cdr Horners wife, Mrs Angela Horner.



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