As a multi-faith, non-denominational charity, we embrace all faiths and seek to work alongside young people and adults. In doing so our chaplaincy aims to spread the Corps values and support cadets and adults as they embrace new challenges. Throughout the Sea Cadets, chaplains appointed from clergy, lay readers and others with an authorised ministry work with each Unit to provide moral, spiritual and pastoral guidance

Chaplains serve all faith communities and work alongside young people and adults to provide guidance and leadership in spiritual, moral and community matters.

If you would like to volunteer as a Sea Cadet Chaplain please get in touch here:

Evesham Sea Cadets Chaplain


Chaplain Andrew Brister has been our Unit Chaplain since November 2009, and instructs our new cadets in core values such as loyalty, Commitment, Self Respect, Honesty and Integrity. Andy is also the Warwickshire District Chaplain and lives in the Evesham area with his wife Joyce.


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