As an independent charity, but part of the national Sea Cadets, your support is vital to us.

We rely on the goodwill of our local community and businesses for financial support.

Sea Cadets welcome donations, large or small which can help provide opportunities for our cadets. Your donation can go straight to our Unit or via our branch teams which support lots of Units in a particular region or area. Or you can become a member of the national charity from just £25 a year.

A donation can:

  • - £20 will pay for a life jacket
  • - £50 can help pay for the heating of a unit
  • - £100 will pay for a new set of oars for a pulling boat
  • - £250 will send a Sea Cadet on a week's trip on flagship TS Royalist
  • - £1000 will help make vital health and safety upgrades for a Unit
  • - £2500 will buy a new boat for a unit - which will have a useful life of at least 25 years, serving hundreds and hundreds of cadets.

We welcome larger Corporate donations too and if you would like to find out more about how you can fund the work of the charity nationally please visit:

How to Make a Donation

Making a donation is really easy and of course we would be happy to assist in anyway we can. Please remember to enclose your name and address and contact telephone number, if you post us something? So we can say thank you and we promise to respect your privacy and treat any gift as confidential if that is what you want. We like to discuss with you, how you would like your donation to be used and if you have a specific purpose in mind?

Online Follow the Donate Now button on this webpage, where your money will be directed straight to Evesham Sea Cadets. Please remember to register and complete the Gift Aid declaration where your donation will be increased by 25%.

Money If you want to give us money in cash, we will come and collect it, so you do not have to post it? A quick telephone call on a parade night or a message on the answering machine at other times will do nicely thank you. Alternatively, email the UMT committee if prefferred.

Cheques or postal orders work well and we will be happy to receive cheques through the post or we will come and collect them, if you prefer.

Vouchers and Gift Cards Your donation does not have to be money, we accept unwanted gift cards or vouchers, so if you have a Boots Gift Voucher we would buy first aid equipment, or if the voucher came from Argos we would buy household and cooking utensils to use on our cooking courses.

Stamps, have a few unused postage stamps that you no longer require, then please think of sending them to us? One of our major costs even in the modern word of email is good old fashioned postage.

Holiday currency is another way of helping us, strangely some of the equipment we would like to buy is priced in Australian dollars, if we already have the dollars it stops us spending money on commissions. We will accept any form of foreign currency, in notes or coins. Collection can be arranged.

An hour of your time, perhaps you are an electrician, gardener or other skilled person,or experienced in marketing, health and safety or other professional occupation? You do not have to join our management structure to assist us. We will always accept all offers of assistance, and we have lots of little jobs to do, where you could help with practical hands on help or advise and guidance. Please contact us for further information on how you could donate the most valuable thing you could offer, time.

Donations Policy

Applications. Evesham Sea Cadets only apply to one organisation at a time for one specific request or item. We do not send out multiple requests for funding for the same thing. If we needed a boat for example, we would approach one funding organisation and wait until we knew we had the funding agreed, before applying to another funder. We never ask for retrospective funding, where we have purchased equipment and then go hunting for a funder to pay for it afterwards.

Ordering Equipment. Evesham Sea Cadets promise not to hold on to grant money or gifts, just to have the money banked. Suppliers quote in advance for large items such as boat trailers, boats and marine engines, so we are ready to go; once someone has agreed to support us. We always place the order for such equipment, within a week of receiving agreement from funders. Usually the only delays are in the manufacture and delivery of equipment like trailers made especially for us.

Post Project Reports. Evesham Sea Cadets promise to return promtly, a post project report; so funders are certain we have spent the money correctly and quickly to the benefit of the cadets. We also promise to say thank you and participate in any reasonable publicity or ceremonial occasion that a funder may require.

Statistics Rural Worcestershire and the Cotswolds only have marginal differences in poverty and lack of sklls training for young people, as compared with the rest of the West Midlands. For more information on local statistics for education, benefits and employment please look on the web site for: Office for National Statistics. Especially the education skills and training section, where you can see that nearly four out of ten young people in our area leave school without any worthwhile academic qualifications.


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