As a Sea Cadet, you will test your talents and stamina and develop new skills to give you a head start in life. You will also get the chance to make new friends and have fun.

To start with young newcomers are required to visit the unit, see whats-what, meet the people here and take away some basic forms to fill in, such as contact details, school and health information.

If the youngster likes what they see they can then start as New Entry Cadet beginning a 6 week training programme with other New Entry Cadets where they learn the basics, ethos and traditions of the naval environment. Once they have completed this they then become fully enrolled cadets and will be loaned a full uniform for a small non-returnable deposit of £20. This effectively pays for the badges they will be awarded for forthcoming years. From this point, they are then entitled to train away from the unit.

Most subjects are taught at basic level within the unit. This knowledge is then enhanced by attending training courses at National, Area and District level. The range of subjects available to cadets is vast and open to all cadets. For eg. a District Weekend at a Sea Cadet unit could be a level 3 Catering course for a relatively new cadet, cost about £20. An intermediate course might be a level 2 Catering course held over 2 weekends costing £40. Moving on to the advanced level 1 Catering, this would be carried out for a week at a Royal Naval establishment for a cost of £70. All cost include travel, accommodation, food and training. The skills learnt at this level are comparable to those learnt in industry; certainly to a level equal to those of Chefs of the RN after basic training!

The world is their oyster so-to-speak.

You can join us as a cadet if you are 10-18. Visit the main Sea Cadet site to see a full range of what's on offer.


Recruitment nights are advertised on our homepage and our Facebook page, as well as the local press.


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Juniors at Junior Summer Camp

Junior Cadets 10-12

This is about having fun and making friends. You'll take part in lots of events and activities like sailing, canoeing and abseiling, plus learn about first aid and communications. other subjects might do a 'Chip Shop Survey' or look at how to use a Camera.

Sea Cadets 12-18

Get to grips with subjects both on water and land as part of basic training, all on a nautical theme. You can take part in courses and competitions ranging from rock climbing and shooting to music, power boating and sailing. These can give you a head start in life and boost your confidence, plus it's good fun.

Royal Marines Cadets 13-18

Do you thrive on a challenge? Pride yourself on your teamwork and strive to improve yourself? Then the Royal Marines Cadets could be for you! Field Craft, Weapons Training, Map Reading and Drill are all included in the training and we offer exciting opportunities to take part in challenging training in the UK and abroad. Royal Marines Cadets Detachments are an integral part of the Sea cadets with 114 Detachments in the UK.



The unit has a successful band which is open to all members of the unit. Musical training is provided by our team of Instructors. The band is available for bookings around the Barnsley Area and beyond.



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